Content writing is not just a hobby, it is a passion and a profession; one that Da’Shaun Harrison is wholly committed to. Due to this, he is dedicated, entirely, to producing his best work—for the good of both his clients and himself. Here are a list of services he offers.

Proofreading or any edits to diction, sentence syntax/structure, flow, and/or clarity.

>2,000 words – $100
2,000-3,999 words – $125
4,000-5,999 words – $150
6,000-39,000 words – $30 per 1,000 words
40.000-59,000 words – $31 per 1,000 words
60,000-79,000 words – $32 per 1,000 words
80,000-150,000 words – $33 per 1,000 words
Anything above 150,000 words will be $35 per 1,000 words

Content on race, class, gender, sex, and/or sexuality for various publications, magazines, or other entities.

Starting rate: $350/1500-2000 words.

Content made specifically to update subscribers and other people with a vested interest in you/your company, produced monthly, bimonthly (every two months), or quarterly, in 3 month intervals.

Starting rate: $300/month; $150/bimonthly; $50/quarterly.

Sharp, concise written report detailing an event tied to your organization with the intent to be released to various media outlets.

Starting rate: $250/one-pager.

Establishing hashtags and creating/editing/phrasing for posts. Sometimes, content calendar.

Starting rate: custom quote per project.

Starting rate: custom quote only.

  • Short bio (1/2 page) – $50
  • Traditional bio (1 page) – $80
  • Long bio (<1 page) – $150

Starting rate: $1500 – negotiable