Over the past two weeks there have been countless protests around the country against police brutality. One such protest was planned for Monday night in Wilmington.

That planned protest, however, turned into a healing space. Event Organizer Da’Shaun Harrison said the idea was to have the protest, but with the numbers that came out the event became an intimate setting for folks to come together and heal.

The group of college-aged students were able to network and discuss issues of racism.

“I think that with us being, you know, 19, 20, 25 years old, we have so much momentum and so much power that we bring together that the movement couldn’t go on without the Millenials,” Harrison said.

Harrison added that young people bring a new sense of hope and presence to the movement.

The group created a GroupMe, which is like a group text message, to plan and organize events in the future.



Interview with Sarah Johnson | for: WWAY